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  • Indoor Plants Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, Right?

    A quick search on the internet will reveal many different opinions and studies pointing in opposite directions. While controversial, it is good to be informed and read from trusted sources. Here you will find a summary of some studies and their opinion.
  • Protect Your Family from Wildfire Smoke: Create a Clean Room

    Pollution can enter your home in many ways and for various reasons. Wildfire smoke is one of the most recurrent reasons in areas where wildfires are frequent. To prevent you and your family from breathing polluted air, creating a “clean room” is a common practice.
  • Indoor vs Outdoor Air Quality – What’s the Difference?

    Since air is fluid, it can flow in and out of our homes, sometimes bringing pollutants with it. Thanks to the PurpleAir indoor and outdoor sensors, you can quickly compare air quality around you to make the best decision for your home or office. 
  • Cooking and Cleaning Generate More Indoor Pollution Than You Think

    The World Health Organization stated that 3.8 million people die from exposure to pollution generated in their homes every year. It is impressive that indoor air is not receiving the necessary attention, considering that people spend 90% of their time inside. The most common indoor air pollution source is cooking, especially when roasting and frying.