About PurpleAir

What do PurpleAir sensors measure?

How do PurpleAir sensors work?

Who uses PurpleAir data?

How do PurpleAir sensors compare to regulatory particulate matter sensors?

PurpleAir Sensors

What is the difference between PA-II and PA-II-SD sensors?

Are the PA-II and PA-II-SD PurpleAir sensors weatherproof?

Can I use my PurpleAir sensor indoors?

What maintenance is required for PurpleAir Sensors?

How do I calibrate my PurpleAir sensor?

What do I do if one of my channels is reporting high, not working, or spikes erratically?

Can I add a mesh screen to my sensor to keep out bugs and critters?

Can I use alternative power (solar and battery) to run a sensor remotely?

PurpleAir Map

What is the PurpleAir map?

What do the numbers on the PurpleAir map mean?

How do I use the graph on the PurpleAir map?

How do I view different types of data on the PurpleAir map?

What do the conversion factors mean on the PurpleAir map?

How do I view outdoor/indoor/my PurpleAir sensors?

How do I view average rings on the sensor icons?

How do I log in to the PurpleAir map?

How do I view a private PurpleAir sensor on the map?

Can I add data from non-PurpleAir sensors?

What does "downgraded" mean on the graph?


How do I order PurpleAir sensors on the website?

Can I request an invoice or quote for PurpleAir sensors?

Does PurpleAir accept Purchase Orders?


How does PurpleAir ship orders?

How long will it take to get my PurpleAir order once it has shipped?

How can I update the shipping address on my order?

Does PurpleAir ship internationally?

How to Guides

WiFi Configuration

Connect PurpleAir sensors to a WiFi network

WiFi Troubleshooting

Connect PurpleAir sensors to a Captive Portal network

Reset WiFi network connections


Register a PurpleAir sensor to the PurpleAir map

Update PurpleAir sensor registration details

Data Processor Options

Private PurpleAir sensors


Install PA-II/PA-II-SD sensor with WiFi configuration

Install PA-II-SD sensor without WiFi Connection

Install PA-I-Indoor sensor

Data Access

Sensor List Downloader

Using the Sensor List

Sensor List Troubleshoot

Sensor List Data File Headers

What is the difference between primary and secondary data files?

What is the difference between CF_1 and CF_ATM?


Access Data from JSON

JSON Object Fields


ThingSpeak API

SD Card

Accessing SD Card

SD Card Data Files

SD Card CSV File Header

Pushing Offline SD card Data to the Cloud

Replacing the SD card