7 Air Quality Organizations & Communities Addressing Air Pollution Globally

All over the world, millions of lives are affected by poor air quality every day. With 56% of the world’s population living in dense cities, it’s more important than ever to do what we can to reduce air pollution across the globe. 

Most advice focuses on what we can do individually to improve the air quality around us, like driving less, using air quality monitors, and recycling our waste. But there are also plenty of organizations and community groups out there working together as well.

If you want to support them, donate to their cause, or even volunteer—then this list will help you get started. We’ve rounded up 7 charity organizations and companies addressing air pollution all over the world, from Canada to India.

#1 - Clean Air Partnership, Canada

In 1996, Clean Air Partnership (CAP) is an environmental charity organization founded in Ontario, Canada. The organization works with local communities across the country to improve air quality, advance transportation, and take real action to help the climate.

For over two decades, they’ve helped Canadian communities be more sustainable, healthier, and resilient. And most recently, they’ve been working on creating Canada’s largest carbon-neutral community in Edmonton, which will soon become home to 30,000+ residents.

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#2 - Clean Air in London, U.K.

Clean Air in London is a not-for-profit organization working to reduce air pollution and improve the health and air quality of everyone in London. Through their advocacy and influence, they strive to make sure the government is held accountable for upholding the highest standards for air quality.

Ultimately, Clean Air in London's mission is to ensure everyone can breathe clean air by working together with citizens, businesses, policymakers and researchers—all of whom play an essential role in making sure we tackle climate change head on for future generations.

#3 - Clean Air Fund, International

Clean Air Fund is a global organization focused on reducing air pollution in communities around the world. Their goal is to help people breathe healthier air and protect their health from the dangers of air pollution.

In addition to their policy work and advocacy efforts, Clean Air Fund also focuses on community action and education initiatives. They support local community groups through providing grants, scholarships, technical assistance, and training materials.

#4 - Clean Air Task Force, U.S.

The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a non-profit organization based in the U.S. and founded in1996. For decades, it has aimed to reduce air pollution, protect public health, and reduce climate change. By collaborating with federal and state partners, research institutions, and industry leaders—CATF has helped develop policy solutions and strategies to improve air quality across the globe.

One of their main goals is to decarbonize the global energy system to reduce carbon emissions. And through their robust partnerships with various stakeholders, they’re ensuring that everyone can breathe clean air, no matter where they live or work.

#5 - Future Cleantech Architects, Germany

Future Cleantech Architects (FCA) is focused on finding innovative solutions to the world's most pressing problems related to climate change and air pollution. They seek to close the remaining innovation gaps and reach net-zero emissions by 2050 by bringing together experts from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to work collaboratively on creative technology solutions.

Ultimately, Future Cleantech Architects seeks to create a world where clean tech solutions are accessible everywhere to promote healthier cities with cleaner air. By combining modern technology solutions with sustainable practices, they hope to make a positive impact on both people and the planet alike.

#6 - Green Yatra, India

Green Yatra is a non-profit organization based in Mumbai that was founded in 2009. Since then, it has worked diligently to raise awareness of and address issues such as air pollution, water scarcity, solid waste management, deforestation, water pollution, climate change and more.

To achieve this, Green Yatra holds workshops for students across India, focusing on how they can reduce their personal carbon footprint. Furthermore, the organization runs multiple campaigns each year, which include tree plantation drives and educational activities related to sustainable development.

#7 – The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand

The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) is a non-profit organization devoted to improving air quality. Their mission is to promote public health and well-being by reducing air pollution and other environmental factors that influence the quality of our environment, economy and culture.

To achieve this, CASANZ provides education, advocacy, research, and policy recommendations. And they do that through a combination of activities such as workshops, conferences, seminars, dialogues with policymakers, media campaigns, and research projects on local air quality issues.

Get Involved Yourself

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