PurpleAir Data Use Cases

Below is the collection of some of the use cases of PurpleAir data. The list is not inclusive, and will be updated from time to time.

EPA Fire and Smoke Map 

The EPA Fire and Smoke Map integrates PurpleAir sensor data to provide real-time air quality information during wildfires. These sensors, alongside permanent and temporary monitors, offer localized data on particle pollution (PM2.5), enhancing the public's understanding of air quality impacts from smoke plumes. The EPA applies a correction equation to the PurpleAir data, ensuring its accuracy and comparability to regulatory-grade monitors, thus making the map a crucial resource for communities affected by wildfire smoke.

SouthCoast AQMD High Resolution Maps 

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) utilizes PurpleAir sensors to create high-resolution air quality maps. These sensors help fill gaps in the monitoring network by providing detailed, localized data on air pollution levels. This information is crucial for residents in the South Coast region, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health and activities during periods of poor air quality.


Google incorporates PurpleAir data into its mapping services to provide users with accurate and real-time air quality information. By leveraging the EPA's correction equations, Google Maps displays data from PurpleAir sensors alongside regulatory monitoring stations. This integration helps users understand local air quality conditions, aiding in their daily planning and decision-making processes, especially in regions prone to pollution and wildfires.

NASA Satellite Calibration 

NASA uses PurpleAir sensors to calibrate and validate satellite-based measurements of air quality. These ground-level sensors provide essential data that helps improve the accuracy of satellite observations, particularly for pollutants like PM2.5. This calibration is vital for enhancing the reliability of satellite data used in environmental monitoring and research.


Windy.com, a popular weather forecasting service, utilizes PurpleAir data to provide comprehensive air quality visualizations. By integrating real-time sensor data, Windy offers users an interactive map that displays current air pollution levels, helping individuals and organizations monitor air quality and make informed decisions, especially during events like wildfires or high pollution days.


WeatherUnderground incorporates PurpleAir data to enhance its hyper-local weather and air quality reports. PurpleAir sensors provide continuous, real-time data on particulate matter levels, which is then displayed on the WeatherUnderground platform. This integration allows users to receive accurate air quality updates tailored to their specific location, improving their ability to respond to changing environmental conditions.