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Have you ever been wondering whether it is a good day to do outdoor activities? Or should you stay indoors and prevent polluted air from entering your house? With our daily activities and everything else going through our minds, it can be challenging to find time to check the air quality every day. That is why air quality alerts can come in handy.

The app that provides Air Quality Alerts

Airwyn is a free app that allows you to monitor your PurpleAir sensor and supports AQI conversion formulas from US EPA, LRAPA, and AQandU. It will also send you alerts whenever the air quality improves or worsens. If you do not own a PurpleAir sensor, don't worry! Airwyn can also track and receive alerts from a close-by PurpleAir or AirNow sensor.

Alerts that help

Are you still wondering why it is useful? Let us give you some practical examples of when alerts from an outdoor sensor are beneficial.

If you receive an alert that air quality has improved, depending on the level, you could:

  • Open your windows and take in the fresh air
  • Exercise outside
  • Go camping or do any other outdoor activity you have been planning

If you receive an alert that the air quality has worsened, and depending on which level it is, consider:

  • Closing windows to avoid polluted air coming into your home
  • Limiting your outdoor activities
  • Turning on your air purifying device
  • Taking precautions with at-risk family members

Check our Air Quality Index Guide if you are still unsure of the actions to take in each air quality index level.

How to set up an alert

The best part about this app is that it is extremely easy to use and set up.

1. Download the app to your mobile device
2. Open the app
3. Allow notifications
4. The following screen will show  
5. Go to the bottom of the screen and tap on the map icon
6. Allow the app to use your location when using the app
7. Locate your sensor on the map or the nearest sensor to your desired location and tap it
8. Tap again in the sensor's description. The screen will show the following message. Tap OK
9. You are now monitoring that sensor!
10. In the settings tab, you can choose to receive alerts when the AQI is improving, worsening, or both!
Download Airwyn for Android, here
Download Airwyn for IOS, here

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