How to Install Your PurpleAir Air Quality Monitor

Installing a PurpleAir Monitor

Concerned about the air quality in your surroundings and eager to take action?

Installing a PurpleAir air quality monitor is an excellent first step toward understanding and monitoring the air you breathe. Then, you can confidently take steps to avoid high levels of air pollution and keep yourself safe. 

But what if you’re unsure how to set up an air quality monitor? We’re here to help. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to install a PurpleAir monitor. 

How Do PurpleAir Monitors Work?  

PurpleAir air quality monitors are low-cost, highly-precise air quality monitors that monitor Particulate Matter (PM) pollution in the air. They provide real-time data on both PM2.5 and PM10 particle sizes, allowing users to gain insights into the air quality in their surroundings. 

By providing accessible and actionable air quality data, PurpleAir aims to empower individuals, communities, and organizations. That way they can make informed decisions to improve air quality and protect public health. 

How to Set Up a PurpleAir Air Quality Monitor 

To install your air quality monitor, you will need the device ID, the email associated with it, a local WiFi network, and a WiFi-enabled device like a phone or computer. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install a PurpleAir monitor: 

#1 - Choose an Ideal Location 

Select a suitable location for your PurpleAir air quality monitor. Generally, our air quality monitors are designed for specific conditions: 

  • The PurpleAir Classic and the PurpleAir Flex are intended for use outdoors but can also be used indoors. 
  • The PA-I and the PurpleAir Touch is designed to sit upright on a desk, shelf, or similar location. 
  • The PurpleAir Zen has a desktop and wall/pole mount to place it indoors or outdoors. It can either be mounted or sit on a surface. 

#2 - Mount the Air Quality Monitor 

Ensure that the device is level and stable to avoid any disturbances in data collection. Next, use the provided mounting hardware to securely attach the PurpleAir air quality monitor to a stable structure, such as a pole or wall. For indoor monitoring, find a stable surface for it to sit on.  

#3 - Connect to Power 

Now, power the device by plugging it into a reliable power source. When plugged in, a blue light will appear while it boots up. For an outdoor air quality monitor, ensure the power outlet is weatherproof or protected to prevent damage from moisture. 

#4 - Connect to WiFi 

Before connecting your air quality monitor to the local WiFi, you need to connect to the air quality monitor’s hotspot. Open the network settings on your device (phone, computer, etc.) and connect to the air quality monitor’s hotspot. The hotspot’s name will be PurpleAir-**** (the asterisks will be a 2-4 character code determined by the air quality monitor’s device ID). 

Note: It may take up to 10 minutes for the network to appear after it’s connected to power.  

Depending on the WiFi-enabled device used, a pop-up may appear. If it does not appear, open a web browser and enter “” into the address bar. If it still does not appear, try temporarily pausing or disabling mobile data on your WiFi-enabled device and re-entering the URL above. 

After connecting to the hotspot, select the network you are connecting your air quality monitor to from the list. After entering the WiFi password, your PurpleAir air quality monitor will begin trying to connect. This process may take a couple of minutes. 

Once the WiFi is connected, the message “Looking Good” will appear at the top of the page. 

After the WiFi is connected, you can disconnect your device from the hotspot. The PurpleAir-**** network will become unavailable, providing the air quality monitor has been correctly connected to a WiFi network. 

Having issues connecting the device to WiFi? Check out more troubleshooting tips in our PurpleAir Start-Up Guide

#5 - Register It on the Map 

Register your device to appear on the PurpleAir Map at and follow the on-screen instructions. Provide the necessary information, including its location on the map. Once registered, your air quality monitor will be activated. 

If you assign a map location to your air quality monitor, it will appear on the PurpleAir Map within a few minutes. 

#6 - Verify Air Quality Monitor Operation 

Finally, ensure your PurpleAir air quality monitor transmits data correctly by checking the PurpleAir website or mobile app. Locate your air quality monitor on the real-time air quality map and verify that real-time air quality data is being displayed. 

Congratulations! Your PurpleAir air quality monitor is now ready to provide valuable air quality data. Remember to regularly check and maintain your air quality monitor for optimal performance. 

Understanding Air Quality Monitor Data 

PurpleAir uses color codes to indicate air quality levels based on PM2.5 readings. The color scale ranges from green (good) to red (very unhealthy). This visual representation helps you quickly assess the current air quality conditions in your area. 

Worried about your air quality? 

Monitor the Particulate Matter levels around the world with our free, real-time PurpleAir Map or join PurpleAir's mission to make air quality data accessible to everyone by investing in an air quality monitor for your home.  

Together, we can be informed and make changes in our daily habits and the community to improve air quality.