Understanding Air Quality: PurpleAir Empowers Community Science

From Los Angeles to Canada, air quality is getting the spotlight it deserves.

And we are so excited to be a part of that change.

That's why we started our air quality blog, so we can share the scientific air quality studies happening in our community—and beyond. We also realize some research studies cover topics that have been politicized.

So we want to share our editorial decision guidelines, as well as our goal of being a neutral source of peer-reviewed studies that utilize PurpleAir air quality monitors.

Through our PurpleAir blog, we want to highlight studies and resources that feature air quality data from the PurpleAir Community. We want to maintain a solid scientific foundation using the best academic practices.

Any study's findings and conclusions can lead to controversial or political topics. If these studies are peer-reviewed and utilize PurpleAir monitors, we believe in sharing these studies.

Then, the community increases awareness of air quality impacts through data-driven science and research. We also do this to be accountable and share third-party findings about our products, so we can improve them for everyone's benefit.

We aim to promote all relevant and well-earned knowledge, regardless of its socio-political implications. If you would like us to showcase a study or findings through your community project, please submit them through our contact link.

We also believe in collaboration, so we invite other brands to work with us and spread the word about the importance of air quality. If you have a talk or event on air quality, we are also happy to attend or share it with our community.

Reach out, and let's change the world together.

Worried About Air Quality?

Monitor the Particulate Matter levels around the world with our free, real-time PurpleAir Map or join PurpleAir's mission to make air quality data accessible to everyone by investing in an air quality monitor for your home. 

Together, we can be informed and make changes in our daily habits and the community to improve air quality.