CES 2023 Highlights: Learn About the Latest in Consumer Tech

Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been an annual event with brands from all over the globe attending. Now, it’s become the largest annual consumer technology show in the world, showcasing all kinds of modern electronics—from wearable tech to cars to drones.

This year, we were invited by 3M to attend and showcase our air quality monitors and see what’s happening with consumer tech.

The History of the Consumer Electronics Show

For the last 50 years, CES has been held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each year, the event attracts over 100,000 attendees. Over time, it has become an essential event for established technology brands and rising startups alike. If you’re an inventor or entrepreneur, CES is the place to go and exhibit your latest tech products.

CES also offers attendees access to expert speakers who discuss topics like the latest trends in technology to predictions about the future. As technology continues to evolve with each passing year, so does the event, and now it’s huge in showing how our everyday lives are shaped by advancements in science and technology.

Our Favorite Highlights from CES 2023

From January 4th to 8th, brands from all over the world made their biggest announcements and shared all kinds of remarkable innovations at CES. From cars to televisions, there was a ton of consumer tech worth checking out, and we were honored to attend ourselves.

#1 – BMW's Color-Changing Car

This year, BMW showcased its new color-changing car. This cutting-edge technology behind the concept car is a unique paint job powered by a nanotech coating that can change colors on demand. Simply pick the color you want in the app and watch as the car fades from bright yet to vibrant red—or anything else.

#2 - Project Leonardo by PlayStation

Another super interesting project was the new accessibility controller that PlayStation announced. By working with accessibility experts, game developers, and community members, PlayStation is determined to make gaming even more accessible for players with disabilities. That way, they can play more comfortably with this highly customizable PS5 controller.

#3 - Dual Screen Laptop by Lenovo

Next up, we loved seeing the dual-screen laptop announced by Lenovo. While many were skeptical about creating a dual-screen laptop, the first look is promising. Plus, there are a lot of simple gestures that make it easy to switch modes, and there’s a magnetic keyboard if you’re not a fan of only using touch screens.

#4 - AtmosGear’s Electric Rollerblades

The 1980s called—and they’re jealous of our electric rollerblades. While these rollerblades are quite expensive with the $500 price tag, they look like plenty of fun for anyone who loves to skate around town. With these, you can zip around at up to 25km an hour. It goes to show just how varied CES can be and that you really will see anything.

#5 - Air Quality Monitors by PurpleAir

Since this was the first year we attended, we were thrilled to share knowledge about our air quality monitors. At PurpleAir, our mission is making air quality accessible for all. Our CEO, Adrian Dybwad, even gave a talk about what we’re doing alongside our community members to further this mission.

All this groundbreaking technology highlights how far we have come since the first CES event decades ago, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

How We Enjoyed the Air Quality at CES

Between all the demonstrations, press releases and presentations, we still managed to get outside the convention for some fresh air. It was also great so we could take a quick break from the busy crowds. Since the air quality in Las Vegas was excellent that week, we decided to take the team on a bike ride to enjoy it.

After spending the day wandering around and sharing our air quality monitors with the tech community, we went to some local trails to take in the natural views of the mountains and local scenery. You can see us hitting up the dirt trails with some of the team here:

It had rained recently, and we were super lucky to arrive just after that. We had excellent weather all week in Las Vegas. The skies were clear, the air was fresh, and even the levels of particulate matter were lower than expected.

Connect with PurpleAir

At PurpleAir, organizations all around the world are using our data—from Google to the EPA. And so, we’re thrilled to see technology projects like we did at CES. Next year, we look forward to seeing plenty more as we continue to share our mission and passion for air quality with everyone.

Are you a technology company or institution looking to work with PurpleAir?

We’d love to connect and see how we can help you. Whether you’re interested in our air quality monitors or using our air quality data for your projects, feel free to reach out.