NC Breathe Conference in April 2023

You can’t change the world alone.

While you can change your lifestyle to minimize your carbon footprint, your efforts alone will only make a small dent on a global scale. However, if you work together as a community, then you’ll have a higher chance of making the world a better place.

And that’s what the NC Breathe seeks to do.

North Carolina’s Breathe event is an annual air quality conference organized by CleanAIRE NC. It gathers scientists, health professionals, policymakers, researchers, students, and community members so they can better understand air quality issues. More importantly, it advocates for solutions and strategies based on scientific evidence to mitigate air pollution in the community and promote better health.

This year, the NC BREATHE will be held as a hybrid event on April 6, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 at Project 658 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Who is CleanAIRE?

Previously known as Carolina’s Clean Air Coalition and Clean Air Carolina, CleanAIRE NC was established by a group of volunteers in 2002 with the goal to improve the air quality in North Carolina. However, they soon realized that poor air quality isn’t an isolated problem.

The truth is, air quality is a widespread respiratory health issue caused by particulate matter and other toxins released by air pollution. Over time, their advocacy expanded as they welcomed more organizers and volunteers.

In 2021, they rebranded themselves as Clean Action and Innovation to Restore the Environment North Carolina or CleanAIRE NC. Their mission is to educate, research, and push for policies that address climate issues, air quality, and environmental justice.

Since its beginning, CleanAIRE NC has been working on enhancing air quality monitoring across the state. To date, they’ve installed air quality monitors in Pitty County, Polk County, and Sampson County. Additionally, CleanAIRE NC has also successfully organized several affordable climate conferences, including NC Breathe.

What is NC Breathe Conference?

Established in 2015, NC Breathe is a local US climate conference that invites community members to:

  • Learn more about environmental pollution, specifically air pollution, and how it impacts North Carolina communities.
  • Find solutions to the effects of pollution on public health and minority groups.
  • Nourish partnerships among leaders, scientists, health professionals, environmentalists, and other community members.
  • Develop recommendations that protect the most vulnerable from air pollution and push these recommendations towards North Carolina policymakers.

In previous years, this air quality event invited notable guests like Richard Moore, Co-Chair of the Environmental Justice Advisory Council; Dr Chris Heaney, John Hopkins University; and Bryan Hubbell, US Environmental Agency.

How Can You Get Involved?

Now in its 8th year, NC Breathe Conference will be focusing on the theme, Climate Justice: Our Path to Healthier Communities, as it continues to fight for healthier air quality for everyone. You can expect to hear from various key figures like Dr Aaron Levy, a Pediatrician at Levine Children’s Hospital, and Mustafa Santiago Ali, the Executive Vice President of the National Wildlife Federation.

In addition to all these, NC Breathe will also hold panel discussions from frontline communities and climate justice leaders, so you can listen to other people’s perspectives on the matter. Aside from scheduled air quality talks, there will also research papers and posters from local students on related topics.

So, how can you be a part of the NC Breathe 2023?

You can register now and get an early bird discount by March 1. Ticket prices are as follows:

  • $100 USD for in-person participants
  • $50 USD for virtual participants
  • FREE for all students

Come Together for Better Air Quality

It takes a community to battle air pollution. Without the combined effort, progress might come too late. So, join the NC Breathe Conference and participate in community action to pave the way toward better air quality and health regulations.

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Get Involved Yourself

At PurpleAir, there are tons of community projects going on around the world. We’re thrilled to see these kinds of collaborative efforts, and we look forward to seeing plenty more in the future. Are you working on a community project with PurpleAir’s air quality monitors?

We would love to hear about it. Share a post in the Community Project forum, then we can highlight your work. Together, we can make air quality accessible for everyone.