Data Licensing

Updated July 18, 2022

PurpleAir was founded on principles of openness, sharing, and community. It is to strengthen these principles and ensure the success of our entire community that we put together updated Terms of Service, Data License, and Data Attribution requirements when using PurpleAir data and this API.

Before accessing our API, please be sure to read our Terms of Service. A few Terms of Service requirements to be aware of when using the PurpleAir API:

    • Grantback license (see Section 4.4 of the Terms of Service)
    • Attribution (see Section 4.8 of the Terms of Service and Attribution page)
    • Limited data distribution to one-level removed (see Section 4.3 of the Terms of Service)
      (i.e., a user of PurpleAir API can utilize PurpleAir data to provide to an end-user (e.g., a viewer of a map or user of an app), but cannot resell data or an API modeled from PurpleAir data)
    • Fair Use Policy (see Exhibit A of the Terms of Service)

PurpleAir’s mission is to provide access to air quality data and we want to find the right licensing relationship for all use cases. If your use varies from, or you have questions about, our Terms of Service, please get in touch at with “Data Licensing Inquiry” in the subject line.

To stay up to date on PurpleAir licensing updates, please refer back to this page.