PurpleAir Data

Real-time Air Quality Data

Unlock the Power of accurate and accessible Air Quality Data with the PurpleAir API


Reliable Air Quality Monitoring

PurpleAir offers hyper-local, Real-Time Air Quality Data.

Our extensive dataset, dating back to 2016, offers both real-time and historical insights.

Our data packages are ideal for academic institutions, environmental engineers, and large corporations needing accurate and accessible information for informed decision-making.

Why Choose PurpleAir Data?

Reliable Accuracy

Our data is 97% accurate, proven by the Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center.


We offer competitively priced data packages, making high-quality air information accessible to all.

Easy Integration

Our data can be easily integrated into existing systems via the PurpleAir API.

Features of the PurpleAir API

    Access the latest data reported by our extensive network sensors.

    Obtain data from as far back as 2016

    Download data from the PurpleAir map, query sensors locally over Wifi, or record data to a microSD card.

How to Access and Use Our Data

Step by Step

1. Sing Up on the Develop Portal

To access and purchase our comprehensive air quality data, start by signing up on the PurpleAir Develop Portal. This portal provides all the resources you need to get started.

2. Create Your API Keys

After signing up, create your unique API keys. These keys will allow you to access the data through our API. It’s important to keep these keys secure.

3. Purchase Data Points

The PurpleAir API uses a points-based system. New users receive 1 million points upon signing up, with additional points available for purchase. Sensor owners can view their sensor data without additional cost.

4. Access Data via API or Download Tool

You can access real-time and historical data using our API. For non-programmers, the Data Download Tool offers an easy way to obtain historical data with just a few clicks.

5. Comprehensive Documentation
and Support

We provide detailed documentation to help you use the API effectively. For any complex queries or additional support, visit our community forum.

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For complex questions and detailed discussions, visit our forum. Our community and support team are ready to assist you.