Replacement Laser Counters
Replacement Laser Counters
Replacement Laser Counters
Replacement Laser Counters

Replacement Laser Counters

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Plantower laser counters may need replacing for various reasons including age, contamination inside the device or simply failing after a long time in service.

Here you can purchase replacement particle detectors. They come in pairs for the PA-II series devices with a plastic component to aid in locating supporting parts. 

All Plantower laser counters have been pre-tested in PurpleAir test chambers.

  • NOTE: Please be sure to select the correct laser counter set for your device:
    • Each type has different connectors or mounting methods
    • The images can help identify what you have.
  • For information and instructions on replacing your laser counters, please see the videos linked in the following Community Post:
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  • User replaceable dual Laser Particle Counters (PMS-6003)
Laser Particle Counters

Class 1 Laser. A Class 1 laser is safe under all conditions of normal use.

Manufacturer Plantower

This device contains two particle detectors to provide redundancy and help determine sensor health.

Type PMS-6003 (2)
Range of measurement 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, & 10 μm
Counting efficiency 50% at 0.3μm & 98% at ≥0.5μm
Effective range
(PM2.5 standard)*
0 to 500 μg/m³
Maximum range (PM2.5 standard)* ≥1000 μg/m³
Maximum consistency error (PM2.5 standard) ±10% at 100 to 500μg/m³ & ±10μg/m³ at 0 to 100μg/m³
Standard Volume 0.1 liter
Single response time ≤1 second
Total response time ≤10 seconds

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
William Lemei

They work 100% but are a fiddly install.

Pietro Ricciardi
simple and well-guided operation

I have installed 5 PurpleAir sensor stations in the municipality of Pignataro Maggiore (Italy) and over the years, I have had to replace 4 pairs of sensors, following the provided video guide. The operation is simple and very well-guided!

Sensor Replacement

Simple to update and back to 100% sensor agreement.

Dirt Lizzard
Replacement Laser Counters

Replacements work and install was not a big deal with the video. Customer service from Purple Air was great.

Jeri Thompson
Replacement Laser Counters

Installing the replacement laser counters solved the problem!