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  • Fetal Toxicity: How Particle Pollution Affects Pregnant Women

    It's no secret that particle pollution is bad for your health. But what you may not know is that it can also be harmful to pregnant women and a fetus as it develops. Learn more about the latest research here.
  • How a Simple Question Grew into PurpleAir

    Since my teens, I have been striving to design and build electronic gadgets, but PurpleAir did not start as a project like that. With PurpleAir, I did not set out to start a business at all. I set out to answer a question, and once it was realized that answer might be interesting to other people, everything changed. Our origin story is a little different. Here’s how it goes:
  • DIY Project: Box Fan Air Purifier

    During wildfire season, ventilating our home can be a challenge. Opening the doors and windows could mean the opposite; instead of letting in fresh, clean air, we can be letting in the air with a lot of particle pollution accumulation. Here we will teach you how to make a box fan air purifier with a DIY project.
  • Community Scientists

    Are you curious about the air quality around you? Do you want to learn more and contribute to your community with your air quality projects? Join our ranks as a Community Scientist!