PurpleAir Blog | Making Air Quality Accessible For All

  • AQI Scales Around The World

    Different countries have different scales and ranges due to specific national standards. The public health advisory also changes with these ranges. Let’s dive deep into what an AQI scale is, what changes its readings, and what some standard AQI scales are from around the world. 

  • High Levels of PM2.5 in the Air

    When the AQI (Air Quality Index) in your area shows extremely high levels of PM2.5 or your PurpleAir sensor shows a health alert, it means that pollution is hazardous at these levels. Consider these steps to reduce your exposure.
  • Hyper-local, Real-time Air Quality Map

    The air we breathe has direct consequences on our health. According to The NOAA, "Poor air quality is responsible for an estimated more than 100,000 premature deaths in the U.S each year". PurpleAir has designed a hyper-local, real-time air quality map that targets the need to measure and visualize air quality.
  • What is Particulate Matter (PM)?

    PM - which stands for particulate matter or particle pollution - is an intricate mixture of liquid droplets made up of acids (like nitrates and sulfates), ammonium, water, black carbon, organic chemicals, metals, soil material, and air-borne particles.