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  • Wildfire Update – July 2022

    The NOAA reports that wildfires have burned over 3.9 million acres from January to June 2022, the second-highest amount on record. July continues the trend, from the blaze across Yosemite National Park in California to others hitting the USA. We review some of the headlines from July that have had the most significant impact on the environment and local air quality.
  • Fireworks Today – Can We Do Better?

    There's no doubt that large, night-sky-filled fireworks are dramatic and thrilling. From the immense splashes of colors streaking across the sky to the booms of massive explosions that send sparkles in all directions, fireworks have a unique place in people's hearts. For many, celebrations like 4th of July just feel right if they're capped with dramatic fireworks that get the heart racing. But is that enough? Is the cost too high? Let's see if we can do better.
  • Why Does 'Particulate Matter' Matter?

    For nations in the Northern Hemisphere, we can expect July and August to be the hottest and driest months. Fire danger warnings increase and vast areas become vulnerable to wildfires. This can mean heavy smoke and smog, and here are three reports we should remember as we plan our activities.
  • Flying RC Gliders and the International Hand Launch Glider Festival

    Last week was the International Hand Launch Glider Festival, the largest gathering of radio-control discus launch gliders in North America. No, PurpleAir hasn't pivoted into making RC toys, but it holds a special place in our hearts. This hobby provided me (Adrian Dybwad) with the building blocks for creating the first air quality sensors that have grown into the PurpleAir we all know and love today.